Autobiography and Education:

I attended Jesuit High School, devoting myself to the Blue Jay Band and Marine Corps JROTC. I graduated from Jesuit in 1993 and then situated myself at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where I created an undergraduate special studies program in Linguistics. During my stint in Tuscaloosa, I particpated in various music ensembles (Wind, Percussion, Jazz, and the Million Dollar Band). In May of 1997 I graduated from Alabama...and where am I now? Louisiana State University. I received my Master of Arts degree in French Linguistics from LSU in December of 1998, working on a National Science Foundation funded research project on Cajun French and English. I am presently working on a study whose focus is the speech of the Central American Hispanic communities in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Several links with information about these language varieties can be found in my Great Links page.

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