February 21 : Oostende & Blankenberge, Belgium
Since both of these places (Blankenberge is basically a suburb, if you will, of Oostende) are in Flanders, I write their names using the Dutch, rather than French, spelling.

If you would like to see bigger versions of the pictures, click on them!

One of those post card perspectives you see in the giftshops, except this picture was taken by me.  All the ones I saw must have been taken in the summer (whenever that is in Belgium), because the water and sky always looked a lot different.  Despite all that, this was definitely an impressive view.
On this incredibly windy day on the sea at Blankenberge, I decided to have my picture taken.  I was growing impatient (surprise) by the time the image was captured.  Tant pis!
Sharks (requins / haaien), before they hatch.  You could actually see the tiny shark embryos moving around inside.
This little guy was quite friendly, but then he got shy when he saw me take out my camera.  How cute this baby seal (phoque, en français) was...however....
...for other sea creatures, there's just no hope at all.  This fish (not that it's all that clear in the picture) simply had nothing going for him: 0 looks and 0 personality.  Maybe that's why he looks so grumbly.
Way to franchise, Dad!  You and Adrienne coming up with all of these business ventures here in Belgium.  I have to say that I'm quite impressed.

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