April 17, 1999 : San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Johnny & Maggie's Wedding
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Celebrating with everyone gathered on this beautiful April afternoon, Uncle Joe and Aunt Mona are the very delighted parents of the groom. Los Padres : Joe and Mona at the reception
And here is the happy and handsome groom himself, John Rojas, only recently joined in matrimony to a great girl, Magdalena Baquero...of whom, desafortunadamente, I seem to have no picture to share with the world. Johnny just beginning...
Aunt Mona and Mom apparently were able to keep themselves from spilling champagne long enough to take this picture with me - Way to go, gals! Mona, David, and Joy in the courtyard
How cute can Joy and George get?  See how good this lil' ol' digital camera of mine can take pictures in proper lighting.  Of course, it helps if the subjects are looking as sharp as these two. Joy and George looking great.

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