May 18-22 : The Netherlands & Flanders
Delft, Amsterdam, Gouda, Utrecht, Maastricht...
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After our afternoon in Antwerp, the drive into the Netherlands, and the search for lodging near the Hague...which, as we now know, was FULL...we managed to have a great time on the evening of the 18th (hell, we even saw an A&P) and the morning of the 19th in Delft.  Of course we bought porcelain, but did we want to take a tour of the factory?.........Not Particularly!

Delft is also, if I am not mistaken, the first of the Dutch cities where Susan made her shoe discoveries.

The Patio of Royal Delft PotteryDavid in the Markt of Delft
A and P in Delft
After charging the entire store on American Express (not mine) and having it wrapped and shipped, we headed on to Gouda on the way to Amsterdam.  We decided to have our lunch, or "high beer", depending on the hour of the snack on the main square in Gouda.  In case you are either wondering or just plain ol' ignorant, this is indeed the city of origin of the cheese, so needless to say, we had aged Gouda, some incredible hearty bread, olive spread, and good substantial beers before continuing on to Amsterdam. Susan and Rory in Gouda
We arrived in Amsterdam without reservations (since we were obviously feeling brave) and ended up staying at the same hotel that my parents stayed at when they were there in March, the RHO.  Our central location allowed us to do lots of sight seeing.  We made our way towards Maastricht by way of Utrecht.  Click on the picture at right, which symbolizes the most typical elements of Holland - bicycles and canals - to read and see more. Click on the canal for more of Holland
Our arrival in Maastricht was to some extent in question.  We stopped to ask some woman with a huge dog if indeed we were in Maastricht and she confirmed.  What a relief.  So we found the train station where we were to meet Charles and Maurice, who would then bring us to our amazing accommodations for the next two days and act as our tour guides for the region. Maastricht and Limburg...just waiting to be discovered !

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