February 9-14 : Brussels, Belgium
Once again I get snow.  How cool...wait, that was supposed to be 'cold'!  Of course I detour through one of the many parks around town to take advantage of the weather...particularly when there's a blue sky.
My photographer and chef, Guillaume, was caught off guard during this rare moment of laughter.
Need I really say much more?  Probably not, except that this picture was taken at the Grand Sablon during "Chocolat Passion / Chocolade Passie", an exhibition organized by la Générale de Banque and l'Association Royale belge des industries du biscuit, du chocolat, de la confiserie et de la praline (basically, the Royal Belgian Association of all things sweet).  Included in the entry price was a glass of Taittinger champagne--the perfect beverage to accompany a sampling of some of the best chocolate in the world...Godiva, Neuhaus, Galler, Côte d'Or, Callebaut, Toblerone, etc.  In addition to the card house, everything you see behind the glass in the other photo is made of chocolate--owls, dogs, monkeys, houses, people...you name it, it's chocolate.  Incredible!
OK, the Brasilian world domination has started to become apparent even in Belgium.  Who's providing entertainment for part of this grand event in honor of (Belgian) chocolate?  A group called Brasilia.  Disney World was only the beginning!

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