February 15 : Köln, Deutschland (Cologne, Germany)
The Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), dedicated to St. Peter and the Virgin Mary and believed to house the relics of the Magi, seems on this day to be but an overwhelming backdrop for other, and much more colorful, events.
These guys were waiting in the train station (Haupfbanhof) when we arrived.  You'd be surprised at the number of glockenspiels seen and heard on the streets...of course, they were most often played by clowns ;-)
Rambling revelers.  I'm sure they've had a cup or two of glühwein, as many people did in an attempt to combat the chill.
One of the floats we saw...

...followed by another.

This really reminded me of home:  people in the streets, in balconies, everywhere, yelling and screaming for throws.  The only big difference here is that what you catch is either candy or flowers (real).  Hmm...consumable or perishable, not a bad idea when you consider that there's no need to box up beads and cups for years and years to come.

What was I saying about the "Brasilian invasion"?  Well, even in Germany...

But I opted for bratwurst and bier instead.

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