January 24-31 : Brussels, Belgium
Getting down to some official tourism...here's the Royal Palace (le Palais Royal).  If the flag (le drapeau) is flying, the king is in the country.  Looks like we're in luck : he's here !
Voici the cultural 'headquarters' of the Communauté Française de Belgique : Le Botanique (well, at least its rotunda and some greenery).
On the left, a view of l'Eglise Sainte Marie.
On the right, a much-too-small-to-impress picture of the Cathédrale des Saints Michel et Gudule.
Last but not least...Brussels / Bruxelles / Brussel would not be the same without its beautiful Grand Place / Grote Markt.

First is a shot of one corner of the G.P., dominated by l'Hôtel de Ville, and for any néerlandophones, het Stadhuis.

And finally, here's the Maison du Roy / Koninghuis, not that it is where the king lives, nor where any king has ever lived...hey, but that's Brussels for ya !  It can (more appropriately perhaps) be referred to as le Musée de la ville de Bruxelles.  This is where the Manneken Pis gets dressed ;-)

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