May 25-27 : Paris, France
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After the morning in Rennes, we continued on to Paris, got settled in at the hotel, then went for a 'light' meal of tapas at a Catalonian restaurant (which saw the genesis of a new kir, that will be tried if ever we find the right ingredients).  The following morning we got an early start, beginning at the monument of the Bastille (right)... La Bastille
...not far from the Picasso Museum, Picasso
and the Place des Vosges, where we enjoyed the sun along with all the others who were taking advantage of the weather. Nah dat's awt, baby!
After a long long 'stroll' and the quest for the right spot for lunch, we eventually decided to eat at Angélina (just so we could have dessert there).  Later that afternoon we worked our way over to the Rodin Museum, where we saw the famous Penseur (Thinker), as well as the Gates of Hell ;-) Hmmmmmm.......?

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