May 17 : Gent (Gand, Ghent), België
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I'd like to be able to tell you who this is, but since I seem not to be able to find out just now, we'll just leave it at somebody important enough to have a statue dedicated to him.
However, I do know who this is...whether or not I like to admit that I am acquainted with people who put their arms around post boxes to pose for pictures ;-) Rory and a friend
This is obviously a clock tower, but it may be on the cathedral, one of the other two main churches, the belfry, or the stadhuis.
Steve and Susan apparently found something intriguing as they took in the view from atop the Gravensteen (or Château des Comtes in French). What y'all lookin' at?
I also found some neat perspectives from the top of the Gravensteen, which is the late XIX Century restoration of a X or XI Century fortification, complete with a dungeon (and today a small museum of torture).  In the end of the XII Century, the Count of Flanders, Philip of Alsace had the entirety of the château reconstructed.  So there's your history tidbit for today. some pictures have their own frames

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