May 15-18 : Brussels and Flanders
Arrival of Steve, Rory, and Susan
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The Tervuren tradition continues.  Steve and Rory arrived on the Avenue relatively early in the morning (in the very green Citroën) and after a light petit déjeuner, the three of us went to Zaventem to pick Susan up from the airport.  Directly from there we went to the Parc de Tervuren for a bit of fresh air and then we took in the permanent collection at the Royal Museum of Central Africa (known by a few names). David, Stephen, and Susan lounging at Tervuren
Rory and Susan at Tervuren
Our first stop on Monday morning was Gent.  By clicking on the picture to the right, you will be taken to a page of pics capturing our visit. Gent is just a click away!
After spending a couple of hours exploring what Gent had to offer, we headed a few miles further westward to Brugge. One of the famous canals of for more.
On Tuesday May 18, before leaving Belgium, we stopped in Antwerpen so that I could show the visitors one of my favorite cities in the country.  Since I've already got a page for Antwerp, I'm only including here two pictures taken in the Cathedral of Our Lady.  The first is of an impressive interpretation of the Stations of the Cross, and the second is of Susan and Rory by the main altar. Marble Stations Susan and Rory in Church

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