March 23-25 : Germany and Switzerland
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Munich, Germany (München, Deutschland).  Included here are scenes from the famous Hofbräuhaus, where we had a couple of beers and met drinking buddies in traditional attire. One of the pedestrian zones in Munich...Click
Dachau (just outside of Munich) was a concentration camp during WWII.  Slightly eerie complex...especially the 'crematorium'. Dachau Concentration Camp
Schwangau, Germany.  Along the Romantisch Straße, only a few kilometers from Füssen on the Germany-Austria border is the town of Schwangau.  Built by Ludwig II and never completed, Neuschwanstein Castle served as Walt Disney's inspiration for his palaces in Disneyland and DisneyWorld.  And yes, in the second of these two pictures, you can see snow capped mountains in the background, since this area is situated in the Alps. Neuschwanstein CastleView from inside Neuschwanstein
Neuhausen am Rheinfall (metropolitan city = Schaffhausen), Schweiz (a.k.a. Switzerland) Rheinfall...Click

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