May 21-22 : Maastricht, Nederland (& Lanaken, België)
en de Limburg Provincie
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 After a magnificent copious breakfast chez Charles et Maurice, we set out for a full day of exploration in the region.   The outer fortified wall of Maastricht
Here's a picture of the three visitors and our two tour guides: Charles and Maurics.  This shot was taken before we snuck in to 'visit ze caves' of the château.   Group shot at a Limburg château
From the terrace of the château, which is situated on the side of a hill, there was a nice view of the surrounding area and the property's gardens below. A view from the terrace of the château
After lunch, we stopped off at yet another château in the area, just to get out and walk around for a bit.  Peaceful. Another Limburg Château

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