April 15-20 : San Francisco,California, U.S.A.
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A view of San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz By clicking on the picture to the left, you will get to the first of two of what I'll call San FranciscoTourism pages.  NOT included in these, because I brought neither another flash card nor my laptop to download the images, are pictures from our Sunday afternoon Griswald Wine Country Excursion.  No matter!  Any pictures taken couldn't possibly fully describe that experience!  It was a blast :  Joy, George, Joe Ann, Steve, Jeff, Ernie, and myself in a mini-van cruising through Russian River and Sonoma.
By clicking on the image to the right, you will be taken to the first of two pages of pictures from the reception following the wedding of John Rojas and Magdalena Baquero on April 17.  The pictures you will see, however, do not do justice to the Flood Mansion (where the reception was held), nor to the absolutely perfect weather that we were graced with that day.  That being said, enjoy! The wedding ceremony

I would like to mention here two things:
  1. My "baby" sister Karen couldn't make the trip due to professional obligations.  I was saddened by the fact that I wouldn't see her during my journey across the world.  Nevertheless, she is apparently upset with me because I didn't let her in on the secret that I was going, while her husband, my "baby" brother-in-law, did know.  Sorry, K!
  1. AIR FRANCE!!!  I now understand at least part of the reason for the strikes.  The personnel were courteous and helpful, if somewhat unimaginative; but the company (and my experience with them) throughout this period...both going and coming...left a little to be desired.  "Reroutings - Missed Connections - Canceled Flights - Lost Baggage 'R' Us" should be the new name of this fine example of French efficiency in an organization.

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