April 15-20 : San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
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Alcatraz.  Anyone for a swim? Alcatraz
Along Fisherman's Wharf you can stroll by seafood restaurant after seafood restaurant, most of which have outdoor counters with dungeoness crabs piled high.   Fisherman's Wharf
I could have stood there for hours watching these guys (if I hadn't needed to get back to the hotel to see if my luggage had been delivered).  About 100 sea lions lay there basking in the sun, sleeping, playing, courting, or disputing...or perhaps debating some of the finer points of Proust or Foucault. The Sea Lions at Pier 39
Giving the Belgian chocolatiers a run for their money is the famous Ghirardelli Chocolate of San Francisco.  Although this picture at Ghirardelli Square might not be the clearest, the chocolate is top notch.  If you're ever in the mood for an incredibly rich and delicious (duh) chocolate beverage, skip the Chocolat Africain chez Angélina and go for a Ghirardelli chocolate malt.  You'll still be able to breathe afterwards. Want some chocolate?


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